A five day course certificated by examination, covering the MCA syllabus for this module.

The syllabus is divided into three sections:

  • Section 1 - Legal Framework
  • Section 2 - Safety Management
  • Section 3 - Contracts

The aim of this course is to enable Masters to understand:

  • Their legal obligations for safety in the context of duties in civil law and statutory obligations
  • How different legal jurisdictions apply in a vessel operating in International waters
  • Aspects of English law necessary for the correct administration of a UK-registered commercially operated yacht

Level of Understanding:
The level of understanding should be that considered necessary for the safe and lawful operation of a commercially and privately operated yacht. The candidate need not display an academic grasp of the legal principles involved beyond that needed for this purpose on a practical level.

Current Course Fee: £845.00

From September 2017: £889.00

+ current IAMI exam fee of £150.00

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