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“Exactly what I expected; very happy with the service received. Keep it up! Fantastic experience; will be back for Master Prep. Julie has great people skills; very helpful.”

OOW Candidate

“The course was excellent in explaining how to simplify complex subjects/drawings/topics into a format appropriate and easy to reproduce/explain under oral exam conditions.”

Chief Engineer Candidate

Welcome to JPMA’s renowned Oral Preparation for Deck & Engineering MCA Oral Exams. Our meticulously crafted courses and pre-course prep packs, originally established by the late Captain John Percival in the 1990s, have guided thousands of candidates to success.

Despite John’s passing in 2014, our dedicated instructors have seamlessly continued his legacy, consistently achieving high pass rates on the first attempt.


JPMA’s MCA Deck & Engineering oral exam preparation comes in several formats, with flexible online options and our unparalleled, classroom based, oral prep courses. Click the boxes below for more details on each service we offer:


At JPMA, we pride ourselves on being the premier, and original, destination for Superyacht and Workboat crew seeking oral preparation for MCA oral exams. Our courses are expertly designed to provide a structured and immersive learning experience, instilling a deep understanding of maritime principles and practices. 

Since 2020 we’ve added to our portfolio of services, by offering online study sessions. Deck oral exam candidates can book a single hour for a quick sense check of their understanding, or schedule a block of sessions in the months leading up to their exam date.

Our instructors bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the classroom, offering valuable insights and real-world expertise. With a commitment to excellence, our passion goes beyond merely preparing you to pass your oral exam – we aim to shape our students into stronger, more knowledgeable seafarers. While achieving a successful exam result is important, our primary goal is to cultivate a more educated and skilled individual. We believe that a well-rounded seafarer not only excels in exams, but also contributes meaningfully to the maritime industry.

Our courses are crafted to empower you with comprehensive knowledge, ensuring you sit down for the exam not just as a test-taker, but as a more proficient and informed maritime professional.

We provide an extensive array of Deck and Engineering equipment, accessible to all students throughout our classroom courses. This includes smartie boards, sextants, charts, publications, model buoys, and a diverse selection of engine parts. These resources offer tangible, hands-on experiences that enhance the learning process. Having access to these invaluable tools provides a distinct advantage not attainable through online learning.

We also deliver oral prep courses to Merchant/Commercial seafarers – please contact us for further details.

Trust JPMA to guide you towards success, where our unparalleled courses set the standard for oral exam preparation in the industry.



We offer MCA oral preparation for the following UK CoCs:


email for further information on these courses


Don’t just take our word for it..:

Our Master (Yachts) <3000gt oral exam candidates had a pass rate of 100% at first attempt, in 2023, and our OOW (Yachts) <3000gt candidates had a pass rate of 86% at first attempt.

Our Small Vessel Engineer oral exam candidates achieved a pass rate of 85% on first attempt in 2023, and 100% of our Y4/3/2/1 oral exam candidates passed on their first attempt in 2023. Despite the Yacht Engineer route being phased out, there are still many crew out there with Yacht NoEs!

With an impressive overall oral exam pass rate of 84% for Deck, and 88% for Engineering, across all of our Yacht, Workboat and Unlimited/Merchant oral prep students, the question arises:

Why would you go anywhere else for your oral prep?

Choose JPMA for unparalleled success and expertise, dedicated to shaping not just exam success, but better seafarers.

We’ve seen hundreds of loyal students who have begun their studies with us at RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or AEC level and continued with their studies to the highest level possible. We’re delighted to see these students returning for their oral prep, cementing the knowledge they gained from the modules they have done at JPMA.


The MCA have published MIN 690, which details the updated application process to allow for applications to be made online using the submission of electronic documents, as well as the new online booking process for online oral exams. We have covered a few pertinent points here: 

Revised NoE Application Process:

If you are applying for your first UK CoC, your NoE application must be accompanied by original documents and certificates, which you must post to the MCA. However, as candidates will need to keep their passports with them for travel and identification reasons, the MCA have agreed that a photocopy of the passport, signed, dated and stamped by the Captain of the vessel, along with his/her CoC number, will be accepted. You can also send your birth certificate as a form of ID.

If you already hold a UK CoC, the MCA now accepts subsequent applications, electronically, via email. The application form must be completed and emailed to the relevant team with the required documentation. 

Training Record Books:

Under the new electronic application system, if your CoC requires the completion of a TRB, the original physical TRB will need to be submitted to the MCA, but you must retain scanned copies of the overview signature pages from the TRB. These will be required for your oral exam.

If you meet the requirements, an NOE will be issued. Currently this is done through email and you will receive an electronic NOE. Only after you have received your NOE can you book an oral exam though the central team.

MCA Oral Exams:

The way in which you can book your oral exam has changed. The MCA rolled out a new system in April 2022 where you can book your oral exam using the Online Booking Service.

You will need to send your electronic NOE, scanned Government ID and scanned Discharge Book (and certain pages from your TRB) to:

Once received, the Online Oral Exams team will check the details and send you a link to the Online Booking Service which will enable you to book your oral.

The oral exam is delivered through Microsoft Teams.

A full rundown of how to apply for an electronic NoE, booking an oral exam, and what to do with your paperwork after the oral exam is available in MIN 690

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