Yacht & Small Vessel Engineering Courses

MEOL (Y), Y4, Y3, Y2 & Y1 CoCs are still available until 31st December 2022!

The Yacht Engineering qualifications available through JPMA are:

Approved Engine Course (AEC I)

Marine Engine Operator Licence (Yacht) (MEOL(Y))

Yacht Chief Engineer STCW Reg. III/3 CoC (Y4)

Yacht Chief Engineer STCW Reg. III/3 CoC (Chief Engineer “Service Endorsement”) (Y3)

Yacht Chief Engineer STCW Reg. III/2 CoC (Y2)

Yacht Chief Engineer STCW Reg. III/2 CoC (“Large Yacht Endorsement”) (Y1)

Yacht Candidates may submit an application for a Letter of Initial Assessment if they already hold a large amount of yacht/sea service, or non-yachting certificates or have apprenticeship or other employment experience. To be assessed you must download and submit the relevant application form

Once the MCA have assessed at which level you may enter the Yachting certification process, you will need to undertake the relevant engineering modules, ancillary courses and oral exam.

Small Vessel Engineering qualifications available through JPMA:

The MCA have recently launched a new Engineering qualification route for Engineers working on ‘Small Vessels’: Fishing Vessels, Yachts, Tugs, Workboats, Standby, Seismic Survey, Oceanographic Research Vessels and Government Patrol Vessels. This means the CoCs gained through this route will be transferrable between the above industries.

The CoCs available on this new route are:

Second Engineer SV <3000GT & <9000kW (Limited to Yachts) CoC (similar to Y4)

Second Engineer SV <3000GT & <9000kW (Unlimited) CoC (similar to Y4)

Chief Engineer SV <500GT & <3000kW CoC (similar to Y3/2)

Chief Engineer SV <3000GT & <9000kW CoC (similar to Y1)

Many Yacht Engineers are unsure whether they should go down the Yacht or Small Vessel CoC routes – we have tried to answer your questions here.

Those Yacht Engineers who already hold a Yacht CoC are able to convert to a Small Vessel CoC – we have detailed the conversion routes here.

Click on the links above to see more about each qualification.

We are not a crew agency, however we can put you in touch with an Engineer if you need cover while you are attending a course here.

JPMA currently has a Chief Engineer Small Vessel <500gt/<3000kW & Y3 CoC holder with 20 years of Large Yacht experience and 12 months of Workboat experience, who is available to undertake relief work and deliveries.