Relief Crew, Cayman Island LAP & Other Services

Relief Crew & Deliveries

JPMA has a number of Deck and Engineer crew who are available to undertake relief work and deliveries.

Current available crew:

Chief Engineer Small Vessel <500gt/<3000kW & Y3 CoC with 20 years of Large Yacht experience, including new build and refit. Also has 12 months Workboat experience.

Master <3000 gt CoC with 20 years of Large Yacht experience, including new build and refit, also has 6 months of Workboat Master experience.

OOW <3000 Coc with 14 years of large yacht experience, currently working towards Master <500gt CoC.

We are not a crew agency, however we can put you in touch with one of the above crew members if you need cover while you are attending a course here.

Cayman Island LAP Exam Centre

JPMA is a registered Cayman Island LAP exam centre.

You will need to register here as a candidate to take the MACI (Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands) LAP exam, and we can then facilitate the exam for you, on a mutually convenient date. You must attend our centre in person in order to take the online test, bringing with you your passport and CoC.

Our admin fee for this is £90.

One-to-One Teaching

One-to-One Teaching is available (depending on availability) for anyone on all of the RYA courses on offer. This method of course delivery has been used by students who are unable to commit to the dates of advertised courses or those who have been away from a teaching environment for a long time. This delivery method has also been used by many Students who suffer from dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

In addition One-to-One teaching can cover many areas including those leading to the MCA Deck Officer Certificates. In particular OOW, Chief Mate and Master (Yachts), navigation, stability, meteorology, rules of the road and many other subjects.

The cost is dependent on the subject and the level to be attained.

Own Boat Tuition

Own Boat tuition in either Power or Sail boats is available in the UK and also the Mediterranean.

Prices on Request

Workshops & Tutorials

For those who need extra help with their navigation for any of the recognised RYA shorebased courses or if you just want to brush up on your navigation before you undertake a cruise around Britain, in the Med or simply in your local waters. (Students can utilise any of the resourses in the School.)

Prices on Request