Online Deck Oral Prep Study Sessions for MCA Exams

Take the reins of your learning experience with our online revision & tutoring sessions… At JPMA, we understand that seafarers preparing for MCA Deck oral exams may not know where to focus their studies, or encounter challenges in specific subjects. That’s why we’ve added to our famous oral preparation services, to provide targeted assistance through our online, student-led, hourly sessions.

Whether you’re at the start of your studies without a fixed oral exam date, or grappling with challenges in revising a particular subject, our online sessions offer a flexible solution.

These sessions are designed to be at your pace and cater to your specific needs, to put you in control of your learning journey. Use them as a tool to check your basic knowledge before deciding on your revision strategy, or focus on particular topics where you seek additional guidance.

JPMA is the home of the original oral prep course. Our meticulously crafted courses and pre-course prep packs, originally established by the late Captain John Percival in the 1990s, have guided thousands of candidates to success. Despite John’s passing in 2014, our dedicated instructors have seamlessly continued his legacy, consistently achieving high pass rates on the first attempt.

Our online revision sessions are conducted by the same instructors who teach these oral prep courses, and are available to those studying for an MCA oral exam for the following UK Deck CoCs:

OOW (Yachts) <3000gt,

Master (Code Vessels) <200gt,

Master (Workboats) <500gt,

Master (Near Coastal) <500gt,

Master (Yachts) <500gt,

Master (Yachts) <3000gt

Flexible Booking Options:

Book a single hour for a quick sense check of your understanding, or schedule a block of sessions in the months leading up to your exam date.

The sessions can be spread over any period of time, whether it be 1 hour every 2 weeks, or full day study sessions, allowing you to customise your learning experience according to your schedule and preferences, and make the most of our instructors’ deep knowledge.

These sessions are not intended to replace our comprehensive 5 day oral prep course, but serve as a fantastic way to regularly connect with our instructors while studying at home or on board.

They also provide an opportunity to test the waters with a mock exam, ensuring you’re on the right track, and are a valuable resource for those considering booking our oral prep course.

Our Instructors:

Embark on a learning journey guided by industry experts renowned for their depth of knowledge and extensive experience. Our Deck instructors bring a wealth of maritime wisdom to the virtual classroom, ensuring that you not only grasp the essentials but delve into the intricacies that set you apart as a confident and informed professional.

Our instructors boast extensive backgrounds, providing you with the assurance that you’re learning from the best in the field.

Benefits of our Online Student-Led Sessions:

**Personalised Guidance:** Receive undivided attention from our instructors, tailoring sessions to address your specific concerns and areas of improvement.

**Flexible Scheduling:** Seamlessly integrate our online sessions into your study routine, adjusting the duration and frequency based on your individual needs.

– **Expert-Led Guidance:** Immerse yourself in the expertise of our instructors, gaining insights that extend beyond standard coursework and preparation.

**No ‘Mix & Match’ Learning:** Ensure continuity throughout your studies, by working with the same instructors who teach our full oral prep courses.

**Mock Exam Opportunities:** Test your knowledge with mock exams to gauge your readiness and make informed decisions about your preparation strategy.


Our Deck online study sessions are £50.00 per hour.

Book a one-to-one ‘guidance’ session to assess your revision requirements, or undergo a mock oral exam, before diving into your studies.

If you choose to book subsequent sessions, the following applies:

when scheduling between 2 and 6 hourly sessions, the purchase of our oral prep pack at £350 is required. This ensures that you and our instructors are working with the same foundation material.

commit to 7 or more hourly sessions, and our oral prep pack is complimentary, providing you with comprehensive support throughout your learning journey.

14 hours of online study time are included as part of our John Percival Oral Prep (Deck) Bundle. These can be booked separately, if you aren’t ready to book your oral prep course. The fee for this is £670, and will be taken off the balance of the Bundle when you are ready to move on to book your oral prep course.

Embark on a journey of maritime knowledge and success with JPMA.

Whether you’re exploring your basic knowledge or diving deep into specific topics, our flexible and student-focused sessions are here to support you, elevating your understanding and confidence.

Contact us today to schedule your first personalised online session, and experience the unparalleled advantage of learning with JPMA.

Don’t forget about our highly effective 5-day intensive oral prep courses, which are meticulously designed to be completed just before your oral exam.

Additionally, explore the comprehensive John Percival Oral Prep (Deck) Bundle, a unique package combining the advantages of our online flexible study sessions with the focused intensity of our acclaimed 5-day oral prep course.

We strive to conduct all our online study sessions on a one-to-one basis; however, there might be instances where we request a maximum of 4 students to collaborate. This excludes the initial ‘guidance’ hour, which will always be conducted on a one-to-one basis.

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