The John Percival Oral Prep (Deck) Bundle – for OOW/Master (Yachts) MCA Oral Exams

At JPMA, we understand that everyone has their own unique approach to learning, and some individuals prefer a more guided study experience. Recognising this, we’ve introduced the John Percival Oral Prep (Deck) Bundle, specifically tailored for candidates gearing up for OOW (Yacht) <3000gt, Master (Yacht) <500gt, and Master (Yacht) <3000gt oral exams.

This comprehensive bundle is the perfect solution for those who prefer not to study our oral prep pack independently, in the lead-up to our renowned 5 day oral prep courses. We’ve incorporated online revision sessions to complement the prep pack, offering an interactive opportunity for candidates to check in with our experienced instructors during their preparatory studies.

Our commitment to providing diverse and personalised learning options is reflected in this innovative bundle, ensuring that individuals find the approach that best suits their learning style and exam readiness.


MCA oral preparation course and bespoke oral prep


There are several individual elements to this extensive service, which are detailed below:

Step 1 – You will receive our famous prep pack by email. This is essential for you to work on prior to your attending our oral prep course.

  • From our experience, those candidates who have not undertaken any preparation prior to attending our oral prep courses find it extremely tiring and frustrating when they have to start learning the verbatim elements of the syllabus, as well as revising the work covered in the modules they have completed.
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Step 2 – You will receive 14 hours of online bespoke study time with one of our Deck oral prep instructors. This can be done face to face if you are near Hoylake.

  • The 14 hours can be spread over any period of time, whether it be 1 hour every 2 weeks, or full day study sessions. This will enable you to focus your studies on the elements of the syllabus where you have identified a need for extra work, with the support of a JPMA instructor.
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  • Further hourly sessions can be booked for an additional fee, if you feel you need more than the standard 14 hours.
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  • These sessions aid with continuity when moving on to the final part of the John Percival Oral Prep Bundle, as you will have been working with the instructors who teach our full oral prep courses.
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Step 3 – Finally, you will attend our famous intensive 5 day oral prep course for OOW <3000gt or Master <500gt & <3000gt, at our training centre in Hoylake, immediately prior to your oral exam.

  • Our meticulously crafted oral prep courses, originally established by the late Captain John Percival in the 1990s, have guided thousands of candidates to success. Despite John’s passing in 2014, our dedicated instructors have seamlessly continued his legacy, consistently achieving high pass rates on the first attempt.
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  • We take a maximum of 4 students per session/prep course, and whilst in the classroom you will have full access to all of the relevant publications, equipment and charts needed for your studies.
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  • Oral prep courses for OOW or Master run over 6 days (5 days of prep and 1 day of self-study), usually Monday to Saturday, with Thursday taken as a day to digest the first 3 days of the course, and prepare for the final 2 days. (note that online prep courses can be offered to those unable to travel to the UK).
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  • Course dates are regularly updated here, but we can usually arrange your oral prep course to match as closely to your oral exam date as possible, depending on instructor availability.
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  • The course is designed to finish as close to your exam date as possible. Depending on the length of time between the last day of your course and the date your exam is booked, we can offer ‘Booster’ oral prep days. These are optional, and not included in the standard Oral Prep Bundle fee, but we strongly recommend that you maintain your level of knowledge and ability with these bonus days, in the lead up to your exam date.
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Oral preparation for MCA oral exams is not mandatory, and therefore oral preparation courses do not need MCA approval or accreditation. This means that there are no guidelines or set standards that must be met by those offering oral prep courses. As we are accredited by the MCA to run many Yacht and Small Vessel courses, you can be sure that our oral preparation courses are designed to meet the same exacting MCA standards. Our instructors hold mandatory MCA Train the Trainer certification, in order to teach other MCA courses.

Our commitment goes beyond merely preparing you to pass your oral exam – we aim to shape our students into stronger, more knowledgeable seafarers. While achieving a successful exam result is important, our primary goal is to cultivate a more educated and skilled individual. We believe that a well-rounded seafarer not only excels in exams, but also contributes meaningfully to the maritime industry. Our courses are crafted to empower you with comprehensive knowledge, ensuring you sit down for the exam not just as a test-taker, but as a more proficient and informed maritime professional.

Trust JPMA to guide you towards success, where our unparalleled courses set the standard for oral exam preparation in the industry.

Fees for the John Percival Oral Prep (Deck) Bundle:

The standard fee* for our John Percival Oral Prep (Deck) Bundle is £2,145.00.

If you are just starting your studies and aren’t ready to book the oral prep course, the 14 hours of online study time can be booked separately, prior to booking your oral prep course. The fee for this is £670.00, including our prep pack, and will be taken off the balance of the Bundle when you are ready to move on to book your oral prep course. Subsequent sessions can be booked for £50.00 per hour. Click here for more info on our online hourly revision sessions.

A stand alone 5 day intensive oral prep course can be booked by those not wishing to access the 14 hours of bespoke instructor study time. The fee* for this is £1,475.00, which includes our famous prep pack. Click here for more info.

You are also able to pay a £350.00 deposit to access our famous prep pack, if you’re not ready to commit to the full Oral Prep Bundle yet.

Additional Booster days after your prep course are priced at £335.00 per day, and can be done online as well as in the classroom. These are helpful if there is a gap between the end of your course and the date of your oral exam.


* Due to the way we book our oral prep courses to suit dates of MCA oral exams, there may be times that you are the only student on the course. To avoid us having to cancel your course, if this is the case, there will be an additional charge of £500.00 for a 1-2-1 oral prep course, whether it is a stand alone course or part of the Oral Prep Bundle.

MCA oral prep course fees are inclusive of everything:

Lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments are provided for classroom courses;

We have a full range of equipment available for all students to use during the courses – smartie boards, sextants, charts, publications, model buoys etc;

Our instructors also run mock oral exams to prepare you for the nature of the final oral exam.

Concierge Service:

We recognise that making a journey to us from overseas can be stressful, so we have always done our best to lighten the load. As a complimentary part of your booking process, we offer a concierge service, helping with travel arrangements, taxi bookings and accommodation (off-site).

For information on how to apply for an NoE, and the MCA’s online exam booking process, see our main Oral Prep Course page.

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