2016 Exam Results at JPMA

We are very proud to announce the number of first attempt passes for our oral and written Deck & Engineering exams in 2016.

Like last year, and many previous, our results have significantly improved as we continue to provide training for those in the Superyacht, Workboat and Merchant industries. This is all thanks to the fantastic group of experienced marine professionals at JPMA who work very hard to make this possible.

Deck and Engineering modules and oral exams are our speciality. We limit class sizes to ensure our student:instructor ratio gives the best possible outcome of exam and student experience.

In particular, we’d like to boast about the following results:

Written exams:

Deck OOW & Master modules:
Once again we are delighted to say that our first time pass rates for Master modules are on the rise:
Master Stability
There was a significant increase from previous years – 86% of candidates passed when attempting this exam for the first time at JPMA.

Master Business & Law
2016 saw our students reaching an impressive 89% first attempt pass rate.

Engineering modules for Y4/3/2
We have always maintained a very high first attempt pass rate on our engineering modules, all thanks to the fantastic team of instructors who work hard to help students through these. Overall the pass rate for first attempts for Y4/3/2 written exams was 84%.

Oral exams:

Deck – JPMA are renowned for their well-designed and highly successful deck oral preparation courses and pre-course prep packs, set up by the late Captain John Percival, which have seen thousands of candidates since the late 90’s.

Since his unfortunate passing, our deck oral prep instructors have continued John’s legacy, resulting in continued high pass rates on first attempt.

The pass rate for OOW has increased again in 2016, to 81%. With more than 8 out of 10 students passing first time, why would you go anywhere else for your OOW oral prep?!

Engineering – These results remain at an all-time high. We are particularly pleased with the first attempt pass rate for Y1, which was 100% in 2016.


Overall, these results reflect the commitment and determination that not only our students show, but also our instructors, who continue to enable seafarers to reach milestones within their Yachting careers.