JPMA Student Star Awards 2017

As an RYA and MCA training centre it is our aim to provide advice, training and guidance to all students we meet. Whilst our instructors are here to deliver education and training, they also emotionally support students throughout their studies, whether they’re attending a 1 day or 3 week course.
In 2017, we asked our instructors to nominate students who they had taught during the year, who they felt had shown commitment and dedication to their studies, regardless of outcomes. Those people who, despite working on a busy charter yacht, had put in hours of pre-course study, or students who had battled dyslexia since they were a child.

The nominations were whittled down to one Deck and one Engineering student, who have both shown continued commitment to their studies and determination to achieve their goals.

The winners of the first annual JPMA Student Star Awards are:

Phil Nichols

Our Deck Instructors chose Phil to receive a Student Star Award (Deck). Phil undertook his OOW oral prep here in 2017 and our Deck Instructors had this to say:

“We felt that Phil managed to pass his oral through trying conditions. He was very nervous, and felt under pressure to pass – his knowledge was there, he just needed the confidence to have faith in his convictions. Oral exams are never easy and Phil had to battle to keep the nerves under control. We are delighted he got there in the end and is a worthy recipient. He showed perseverance throughout and we are very proud of him.”

On hearing the news, Phil told us: “I would like to thank JPMA for their continued support in helping me achieve my qualifications, which is now benefitting me in my career. The instructors were easy to approach and offered a great deal of assistance in the preparation for my oral exams. I have gone on to recommend the school to others, who are looking to gain their CoC.”

Jurgen Adams

Our Engineering Instructors chose Jurgen to receive a Student Star Award (Engineering). Jurgen undertook his Y4 & Y3 modules and oral prep here and our Engineering Instructors had this to say:

“The dedication Jurgen showed towards his learning process enabled him to achieve his goal, and he should be extremely proud, as are we. This award reflects our appreciation for Jurgen’s continued commitment and cooperation with us and is a symbol of his personal and professional achievements, considering the pressure he faced to complete his training.”

On hearing the news, Jurgen told us: “I would like to thank all of the JPMA staff for not giving up and believing I could do it! Y4 and Y3 modules cover a wide variety of greatly engineered systems and take a lot of study hours in ‘how to write your answers the way markers like to see them’. Being dyslexic in my own language did not help me! As many people experience doing these exams, those 2 hours fly by. In the end, I finally passed Y4 Auxiliary Equipment and now have my Y3 CoC. My advice to anyone struggling with any difficult exams is; do not give up, try harder, study more, don’t be too proud to ask for help… and most importantly believe in yourself! YES YOU CAN!”

Instructors will be nominating for the 2018 awards until September 2018, when the winners will be announced at the Monaco Yacht Show.