Master Business and Law

“Excellent knowledge by instructor. Difficult to make interesting. Very enjoyable/interesting course.”

– Business & Law Student

A five day course certificated by examination, covering the MCA syllabus for this module.

The syllabus is divided into three sections:

  • Section 1 – Legal Framework
  • Section 2 – Safety Management
  • Section 3 – Contracts

The aim of this course is to enable Masters to understand:

  • Their legal obligations for safety in the context of duties in civil law and statutory obligations
  • How different legal jurisdictions apply in a vessel operating in International waters
  • Aspects of English law necessary for the correct administration of a UK-registered commercially operated yacht

Level of Understanding:
The level of understanding should be that considered necessary for the safe and lawful operation of a commercially and privately operated yacht. The candidate need not display an academic grasp of the legal principles involved beyond that needed for this purpose on a practical level.

Current Course Fee: £1,085.00 – includes lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments.

+ current IAMI exam fee of £175.00

It should be noted that written exam pass certificates have a validity of only three years. If your module pass certificates are more than 3 years old when you apply for an NoE or pass your oral exam you will have to submit new pass certificates to the MCA before they will issue an NoE or CoC. The Master Celestial Navigation pass certificate is only valid for 1 year, therefore we recommend that you complete this exam after all others.

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