OOW Navigation & Radar

Leading to an MCA STCW Certificate

A 15 day course made up of two modules:

10 Day Theory (certificated by examination):-

  • Revising navigation to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Level
  • Tide heights and secondary port calculations
  • Navigation using horizontal and vertical sextant angles and other methods
  • Passage planning and the use of the relevant navigation charts and publications
  • Rules Of The Road
  • Understanding the operation and use of modern compassess including gyros and fluxgate compasses
  • Correct procedures for operating navigational aids including radar, ARPA & Autotracking systems, GPS, LORAN, Routing & waypoint systems, electronic charts and Navtex
  • Radar Plotting

5 Day Simulator (ARPA & ECDIS):-

  • Navigation
  • Passage Planning & Pilotage
  • Use of ECDIS
  • Operation of Radar

On completion of the five day simulation AND with the NARAS (Yacht) Theory Pass certificate, a NARAS (Yacht) certificate will be issued

It is essential that candidates have revised plotting of EP, Course to steer, secondary ports and Rules of the Road before attending this course.

Pre-Requisites: Candidates must hold a Yachtmaster Offshore CoC.


Course fees £3,070.00 – includes lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments.
Course fees for 10 day Theory only £2,070 – includes lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments.

+ current IAMI exam fee of £175.00.

It should be noted that written exam pass certificates have a validity of only three years. If your module pass certificates are more than 3 years old when you apply for an NoE or pass your oral exam you will have to submit new pass certificates to the MCA before they will issue an NoE or CoC.

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